Boarding • Training • Nutrition


Boarding • Training • Nutrition

From Left: Odin, Midas, and “The Moose”. They are brothers!
From Left: Odin, Midas, and "The Moose" – They are brothers

Our Mission

We aim to direct our love of German Shepherds to specialize in providing boarding, training, and nutrition for the breed.

While our content on this site will evolve with our mission, we will share some of our own experiences and GSD family with you as we grow.


John & Christine Mamon
The Good Shepherd's Den

Odin & Cleo – BFFs

Her Majesty, Cleo

Midas - Ready for Action

Midas Can Fly!

Odin in His Sunday Best


Moose on the Loose

Double Brother Trouble

Hey Brother, Want to Get in Trouble?

Think We Can Make a Break for It?

Oh No! We Are Busted!

Hey Mom, We're Bored